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What is the Attorney Method?

Theater-based exercises  that help attorneys and other professionals achieve success, including:


  • Confidence

  • Quick and innovative thinking

  • Nimble and nuanced responses

  • Creative troubleshooting

  • Careful listening

  • The ability to recover from mistakes

​Part One – Exercises

Preparing to Speak:  Correct breathing techniques, vocal warm-up exercises, and articulation.

Physical Work: Walking and talking with a purpose to compel your audience 

Collaboration:  Ensemble building exercises


Speaking with a Purpose:  Metamessages and subtext. Intention/Goal Exercise​Storytelling:  Personalizing an event, developing creativity and imagery.


Part Two – Applications

Understanding and Working your Audience: What messages are you sending?


Witness Preparation and Testimony: Listening and making contact.


Opening Statement: Attention grabber, personalized plain talk.


Preparing for both opening and closing: Identify beat and unit changes. Insert breaths and pauses. What words to emphasize? Tone? Rhythm? Is the objective clear? Connection and internal changes? Physical movement appropriate or consistent with what is needed? Breaking down and Identifying all that is mentioned above will help you to be more connected, effective, and true in your delivery.  The audience becomes more engaged in the story and is likely to feel what you want them to feel when presented in such a way.


Closing Arguments: The final monologue - a dramatic story and what makes you different from your competitors. Make your company stand out and show your visitors who you are.

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